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Rachel Brown

Rachel worked for the Richmond County Public Schools for 30 years. For 21 of those years, she was Carlene Murphy's administrative assistant when Carlene headed the departments of Programs for the Gifted, the Quarter System, and, for 15 years, Staff Development. During the staff development years, Rachel supervised an office staff of seven and was responsible for managing all aspects of a building (a closed school) that served as the Staff Development Center (SDC). She worked directly with Augusta State University in a cooperative program through which Richmond County's teachers received university credit for courses held at the SDC. All teachers in Richmond County, over 2500, worked with Rachel when it was time to renew their teaching certificates. It was Rachel who would verify that the required hours and required content had been taken. Rachel was part of all the work that flowed around Bruce Joyce and Beverly Showers and their work with the Models of Teaching and WFSGs in the Augusta schools. This work consumed most of the time of the staff development department's staff. Rachel describes that period of time as both exciting and scary. The work was new. No one was sure that the work would be fruitful because the MOT-WFSG schools were plowing new ground. As is now known, the work has touched students and teachers in ways and in places that the staff could not have imagined at the time.

Carlene's retirement from the district in 1993 split the 21-year partnership. Rachel's retirement in 1998 brought them closer in another arena. Rachel and her husband bought the house across the street from Carlene and Joe. It soon became obvious that planting flowers together was not enough. The duo is now in full swing planning and conducting opportunities for educators to come to Augusta and learn about WFSGs. The "Carlene and Rachel" or the "Murphy/Brown" tradition continues.

Rachel Brown, Director of Services & Conference Manager
WFSG National Center
960 Heard Ave.
Augusta, GA