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Lynn K. Baber

Lynn Baber was an Instructional Technology Specialist for the Richmond County (GA) Public Schools and served in that capacity for three years. Her focus was the integration of technology and curriculum. Lynn was a classroom teacher for fifteen years at both the elementary and middle school levels in Augusta. She has a masters degree in Middle Grades. For eight years, Lynn taught an evening computer course for Richmond County's Staff Development Department, working with teachers at all grade levels and in all content areas. In 1990 Lynn was Teacher of the Year at Langford Middle School where she taught Computer Literacy. The Langford faculty chose not to be a WFSG school but Lynn and several of her colleagues at Langford attended the training and formed a study group at the school. Lynn learned first hand how hard it is for a single study group within a school to have any impact on the whole school. During the years Lynn worked in the Augusta schools, Carlene Murphy was Director of Staff Development for the district.

Lynn has been working at the state and national levels since 1996. She is currently an associate of Carlene Murphy's and collaborates with her in the training and support of schools that choose the WFSG approach to whole school improvement. Lynn has worked with ATLAS Communities schools in Georgia, Washington, and New York that are implementing WFSG. She is currently working with a number of schools that are members of the High Schools That Work network that choose WFSG as the core of the schools' professional development system.

Lynn K. Baber, WFSG Consultant
3206 Crane Ferry Rd.
Augusta, GA 30907
706-736-3152 (FAX)