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Whole-Faculty Study Groups™ National Centers
Carlene Murphy, Executive Director
4450 Old Waynesboro Rd.
Augusta, GA 30815
706-592-6251 (phone & fax)
Karl Clauset, Director
4579 El Dorado Way, #206
Bellingham, WA 98226
360-676-8001 (phone & fax)

Whole-Faculty Study Groups (WFSGs) is a student driven approach to professional development. Every faculty member at a school is a member of a study group focusing on data-based student needs.

WFSG Guiding Question

  • What are students learning and achieving as a result of what teachers are learning and doing in study groups?

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WFSG Principles

  • Students are first.
  • Everyone participates.
  • Leadership is shared.
  • Responsibility is equal.
  • The work is public.
WFSG Functions
  • To develop a deeper understanding of academic content.
  • To provide a time for teachers to examine student work together.
  • To support the implementation of curricular and instructional initiatives.
  • To monitor the impact of instructional initiatives on students.

WFSG Guidelines

  • Five of the 15 guidelines for WFSG are:
  • No more than six in a group.
  • Rotate leadership.
  • Meet weekly.
  • Complete a Study Group Action Plan by the end of the secong meeting.
  • Complete log after each meeting.