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Whole-Faculty Study Groups™ National Centers
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4450 Old Waynesboro Rd.
Augusta, GA 30815
706-592-6251 (phone & fax)
Karl Clauset, Director
4579 El Dorado Way, #206
Bellingham, WA 98226
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The Whole-Faculty Study Groups Fieldbook: Lessons Learned and Best Practices From Classrooms, Districts, and Schools

by Dale W. Lick (Editor),
Carlene U. Murphy

Available in hardcover and paperback: 328 pages
Publisher: Corwin Press ( August 16, 2006 )
ISBN: 141291325X

Hardcover Price: $79.95
Paperback Price: $39.95


From the Foreword by Harold M. Brewer : "Here are real-world examples of the WFSG model with the potential to guide the conversation toward core values, effective teaching, and improved student learning. You will have the opportunity to experience this model and general school improvement from the eyes of practitioners at all levels."

Master one of today's most successful school reform and school improvement strategies!

The Whole-Faculty Study Group (WFSG) System is a student-centered, teacher-driven process for facilitating major staff development and schoolwide change. When applied properly, it has produced extraordinary results for thousands of educators and students in schools and school districts across the country.

The Whole-Faculty Study Groups Fieldbook is a comprehensive guide to applying the WFSG process. Edited by Dale Lick and Carlene Murphy, this practical manual provides concrete strategies for implementing and sustaining a school improvement process in any environment. Offering extensive experience, each contributor explores a different aspect of Whole-Faculty Study Groups and supplies lessons learned and many first-hand examples of successful school reform and student performance enhancement. Written to complement existing resources or serve as a stand-alone guide, this book will

  • Demonstrate how concepts can be applied in a variety of school improvement efforts
  • Present relevant strategies and activities
  • Illustrate how to use suggestions in real-world situations
  • Highlight critical concepts through extensive case examples
  • Provide helpful tips and lessons learned
  • Explain how findings can be applied to professional learning communities

Offering numerous illustrations of the WFSG System in action and a comprehensive collection of tools for initiating and sustaining successful improvement programs, this fieldbook is an essential resource for K-12 administrators, staff developers, and teachers involved with any type of school transformation effort.


Whole-Faculty Study Groups:  Professional Learning Communities That Target Student Learning

by Carlene U. Murphy (Author), Dale W. Lick (Author)

Available in hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: Corwin Press; 3rd edition ( November 2004 )
ISBN: 1412908930

One of the most successful and exciting approaches to staff development, school reform, and systemic change in education today!

This third edition from Murphy and Lick is a superb resource and a must read for all educators involved in the improvement of education. It should be in the hands of individuals from the state department of education to the classroom teacher, for it speaks to all layers of the system, and to the role that each person must play to assure successful learning for all students.

-From the Foreword by Shirley Hord, Scholar Emerita
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory

While providing a step-by-step methodology for the development and implementation of successful WFSGs, this newest edition of Murphy and Lick's groundbreaking bestseller incorporates the most current theoretical concepts on change, the latest refinements to change management procedures, and a wealth of new experiences from more than two thousand individual study groups.

Other significant revisions to this edition include:

  • Three additional chapters: the research foundation for WFSGs, how to recognize and understand school culture, and fourteen key findings
  • A reorganization of chapters to make the book even more reader-friendly
  • New material on timely topics such as 'learning communities' and 'learning teams'
  • An increased focus on assessment of student results
  • Updated sets of resources and illustrations in the appendix


Whole-Faculty Study Groups:
Creating Student-Based Professional Development

by Carlene U. Murphy (Author), Dale W. Lick (Author)

Available in paperback and hardcover: 360 pages
Publisher: Corwin Press; 2nd edition (March 2001)
ISBN: 0761977554

The ground-breaking work on successful school reform returns with important new insights!

This new second edition of Murphy and Lick’s powerful and practical work offers new illustrative examples, snapshots of real-world situations, and step-by-step instructions for use at all levels in all schools. The authors have gathered new information from more than 150 groups, including insights on:

  • The key sponsorship role of the principal
  • How administrators can provide additional technical assistance to study groups
  • The developmental stages of study groups and how to deal with them
  • Why the process is so successful when properly applied

. . . plus an impressive array of resources, references, and recommended reading. An essential text for educators at every level!


Whole-Faculty Study Groups:
Collaboration Targeting Student Learning

The Video Journal of Education

Product Type: Video Issues
SKU: 1302

Presented by Carlene Murphy
In whole-faculty study groups, everyone participates. The collective energy makes the whole school stronger. To say all teachers are in a study group is meaningless unless they are looking at data and working for the student. Is there a direct alignment between what you are doing in your study group and what your students are doing in the classroom?

This title includes:
2 Videotapes
1 Implementation Guide
1 Audio CD
1 Companion Book